Small Quiz! Chinese Government Scholarship How much you know about it?


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Commissioned by the Chinese Ministry of Education, China Scholarship Council (CSC) is responsible for the Chinese government scholarship students’ enrollment and management.  Currently, there are 279 Chinese universities undertake this task.

Furthermore, all related courses were selected from Science &Engineering, Agriculture &Forestry, Medicine, law &Philosophy, Economics &Management, Education, Literature &Arts disciplines for a total of 183 countries of approximately 37000 overseas students studying in China with Chinese Government Scholarship. The majority of them from Mongolia, Vietnam, Russia, South Korea, Thailand, America, Laos and so on.

Grants Amount
According to the new funding standards, the scholarship amount is divided into three categories and a total of nine levels. Three Categories are the Undergraduates, Master students and PhD students, and the average annual funding amounts for each category are approximately: RMB 62500, RMB 74500, and RMB 93400.

Current Financial Aid System

Providing the students with the overall amount of funding, and then the students need to pay tuition fees, accommodation fee and insurance, etc.


Besides the Chinese government scholarship, it also has

  • Confucius institute Scholarship,

  • Provincial Government Scholarship,

  • Foreign Government Scholarship,

  • University Scholarships,

  • Enterprise Scholarship

those major categories.

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