Bee from Zimbabwe Recommended by AT0086 Won Gold Medal in Sports Meeting|

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Yesterday Zhejiang Normal University completed the 41th Student Sports Meeting. Bee from Zimbabwe recommended by our office won gold medal in women 100-metre race.
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Buhle (also named as Bee) is an excellent student and awarded Zhejiang Government Scholarship. She has been training for running during 2008-2015 (she just come to our school Sep 2015). During these 7 years, she has won 5 gold medals, 7 silver medals and 8 bronze medals in Zimbabwe or some other international competition. She has great passion on running.

Bee is studying mechanical engineering and automation in ZJNU. So she participated the competition as a representative from Engineering school. She is the first international student who take part in sports meeting from engineering school. And she achieves the gold medal in the race.

Chinese students and international students can take part in the sports meeting together. So that those international students will communication more with Chinese students and also make new friends. On the other hand, it encourages students to do exercises regularly to keep healthy.

She said she wants to get scholarship next year and attend the 2020 Olympic Games. We do believe she will achieve it!

Many students keep asking about scholarship before application or even before sending application documents to us.
For those students who are seeking scholarship, we have following suggestions.
1) If you do plan to apply for CSC, studying some Chinese and getting a reference letter from embassy would increase your score.
2) Evaluate your family finance status, your grade, and the fee structure of your target major. Find a balance between them and choose a suitable school and suitable majors. Tuition fee for Chinese taught majors are cheaper than English taught majors.
3) If your grade is not so good do not be upset. Try to discover your own specialty and your achievement in some special activities. Like you are a champion of state football games.
4) If your family can pay part of the fee, you can try to find some schools that have partial scholarship. As long as you study hard and get good marks or you have talent in sports or art, you will have great opportunity to get scholarship.

We will announce scholarship information as soon as we get any news.

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