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China Famous Universities World Show

First Stop:

Wuhan University of Technology
This time, we bring you a hidden star of Central China, the Wuhan University of Technology.
It’s going to lead the phenomenon of studying in China

Basic Index
Wuhan University of Technology (WHUT) was founded in 1898, it is located in the largest city in central China, Wuhan city. Wuhan is well-known as the Oriental Chicago. 

                                                       Figure 1 campus overview

WHUT is under the ministry of education of the People's Republic of China institute of technology, national "Project 211" and "Project 985"

The green coverage in WHUT is the largest in Centre China. So far, a total of five campus, which included east campus, west campus, south lake campus, Yujiatou campus, Jianhu Lake campus, the total area 4000 Chinese acres. A total area of 5 campuses makes WHUT the first place of the largest universities in Wuhan.

                                                             Figure 2: the five campuses

Wuhan institute of technology, the geographical position near the south lake, beautiful scenery, suitable for fishing, approaches to international plazas, computer town. All shopping center around, meanwhile, it’s located in the center of all the subway stations.

                                                    Figure 3: the junction between the campuses

International Influence
In 2014, the Times published ranking of Asian universities, Wuhan University of technology was ranked 9 in mainland China, and 49th in all Asia countries.

             Figure 4: NATURE international conference 2016 was held in Wuhan University of Technology

2016 WHUT cooperated with world famous institution nature, and the leading enterprises in the United States corning glass company.

                                  Figure 5: the corning glass company signed with WHUT

Cultivation Strength
390 million copies are kindly preserved in four modern libraries. 37300+ undergraduates, 15000+ postgraduates and PhD studied in WHUT at the same time.

              Figure 6: WHUT demonstration lesson

The Education in WHUT is given priority to the institute of technology. Materials major are the world leading level, which has certainly influenced the world technology.

2 national key laboratories, and 28 national science and technology rewords. Moreover, it has Academic exchanges with Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) all the year round.

Service and Reputation

The dormitory environment has a great improvement this year, most graduate students and overseas students are moved to the new campus, the south lake campus. Airport pick-up Service and other services inside university are maintaining an initial level.

Website, basic recruitment platform, overseas students’ recruitment promotion, has a slight leakage behind other famous universities.

Internship and Employment
University has the advantage of the internship.  WHUT cooperated with a number of Well-known companies such as DongfengMining, Machinery, Civil engineering, Materials science, Computer science, all those major are keeping a high rate of employment.

Total score 76


Basic Index


International Influence


Cultivation Strength


Service& Reputation


Internship& Employment


To Sum

Its clear to see from the radar chart that the indicators of WHUT are not balanced. It needs a great enhancement in International Influence and a slight improvement of Service& Reputation.

At present, WHUT is still in the stage of developing level in overseas students study in China. However, with its strong side of technology, if enhance the promotion and services will bring it become a Shining Star of the Central China.

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