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MBBS is one of the most popular majors among international students. But it is also the most special majors concerning admission requirements. To help you get admission into MBBS program successfully, AT0086 shares our research and experience with you today.

Development and background of MBBS admission
In 2007 Chinese government announced a regulation to authorize some Chinese universities to take in English taught MBBS students. For 2007-2008 semester, only 30 universities were listed. Education Ministry of China (named as MOE) announces the listed universities every year. Last year the number of universities listed has increased to 48.

Features of universities taking in MBBS students
1.    the tuition fee of those MOE listed universities are more than 30000RMB per year.
2.    the grade requirement of MBBS applicants:
a.    no subject failed
b.    all grades should be more than level C, especially the following 5 subjects, English, Math, Chemistry, Biology and Physics.

Due to the limited quota of MBBS seats in most Chinese universities and large amount of applicants, it’s sure that most applicants can not get admission into their ideal school.

Easy admission in to MBBS, points you need to consider.
Evaluate your qualification objectively. Ask yourself and your family how is your grade in high school and how much is your family budget for your education in China?
If your grades meet the requirement of those MOE listed school and your family can bear the cost, you can choose the schools on this list.
If your grades don’t meet the requirement but your family can pay the cost, you will have two options.
1.    You can consider taking the foundation course first. In China, some universities offer foundation courses. If students get good marks during foundation study, the grade will be valid for your MBBS application. You can also choose to do medicine foundation in your home country.
2.    Choose a not listed school which can accepts your grade to study MBBS. Study hard during your bachelor and then apply for a top university to study master degree. Most medicine students will choose to continue master degree to specific their research direction.

If your family budget is not enough for you to study in those MOE listed schools, you can choose to study in some not listed schools for MBBS. Because some of the schools not listed are recognized by WHO and USMLE.

Early birds get the worm. Due to the limited quota referred to above, the earlier you submit documents, the higher admission rate you will get. If you apply too late, even though you have good marks and enough budget, you will miss the proper semester because no seat left.

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