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"Now more and more Chinese are considering making a product under crowdfunding mechanism. In the past, you had to estimate themarket scale, but today you may find crowdfunding can be applied to various industries, such as movie or drama produc.


Internet’svalueis more than just passing information, but influencing the decision-making and traditional behaviors."

-William Ding Lei, founder and CEO of Netease

He expects mobile Internet will be woven into all sectors as the 4G network becomes more popular in the next few years.


Internet is a model industry for the development of China's service sector and we will achieve our goal to be a powerful nation in terms ofculture and athletics."

- Victor Koo, CEO of Youku Tudou


So since you are so interested in Internet, please seize the chances for China University Education, where you will gain a lot for learning.

Here are some recommended programs for International reference, if you wants to learn in China Universities: 

Beijing Institute of Technology

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Computer Courses

BIT is a national key university under the leadership of the Ministry of Education and is also a part of "Project 211" and “Project 985”. It is also one of the top 100 among universities at Asia. One of 3 majors of this university are ranked as the national key majors, ComputerScienceandTechnology is also one of them. That will be a good choice for you.

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Northwestern Polytechnial University

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NPU is an national university recognized by Ministray of Education China, and amongthe graduates of NPU, more than 30 become members of CAS/CAE, 30 generals and six recipients of China’s Top Ten Outstanding Youth title. They all enjoy successful careers in their fields. It is also one of the members of E9 group. ComputerScienceandTechnology is one of its key majors. You can be assured that NPU is certified by most universities and also the ministry of other countries, as it has close relations with other foreign universities in China.

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Xidian University

\\\共享\6 技术部\5素材共享\university-logo\XADZKJU.jpg

The specialty of computer at Xidian University was established in 1958, with Xidian University being one of the universities which established this specialty earliest in China. The School of Computer Science and Technology has set up 3 specialties for undergraduates: computer science and technology, network engineering, and educational technology, of which the specialty of computer science and technology is the name brand specialty in Shaanxi Province and the one with the first-type feature constructed by the Ministry of Education, and passed the specialty authentication of engineering education of the Ministry of Education in 2007, with the specialty of network engineering being the one with the second-type feature constructed by the Ministry of Education.

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Hunan University

Hunan University is the computer center of Hunan province, which is the only one University of Hunan province that has national demonstration software college of Ministry of Education. IBM, Microsoft and some other famous software companies established good cooperation relationship with Hunan University. At the same time the employment rate is high.

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Ningbo University

\\\共享\6 技术部\5素材共享\university-logo\NBU.jpg

Ningbo is located midway in the coastline of the East China Sea, facing north to Shanghai from across the Hangzhou Bay. Ningbo University isone of the top 100 universities in China and one of the three key universities in Zhejiang province. which are officially authorized the qualification by MOE for the recruitment of international students.

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