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When students get visa for studying in China, most are likely to feel confused about how to get to their school. Most students have not come to China and do not know any Chinese either. Here are some tips how you can get to the right school if you are new to China.

Check admission parcel carefully
When you get the admission documents posted from the school, check what documents are included carefully.
1.    Original admission notice and JW 202 form are necessary which is necessity for visa application. Remember to keep the original in case your school needs it to arrange hostel for you.
2.    Most school will also post an arrival guidance or a school brochure. In this document, there is how to get to the school from the nearest city and whether the school will provide airport pick-up service. If yes, how and when the airport pick-up service is arranged.
Usually school will provide different routines and you can choose the most convenient one.

If the school doesn’t provide any guidance about arrival or airport pick-up service.
Please follow the following steps.
Check which city your school is located and whether there is airport.
If there is airport in that city, check the following steps.
1.    Go to the travel agency or airport counter and ask which cities in China you can fly to from your hometown.
2.    If there is direct flight, you can book it.
3.    If there is no direct flight, find a nearest city and then transfer a flight to your destination. After getting the airport, you can take a taxi to the school from the airport.   

If there is no airport in that city, check above steps and fly to the nearest city to your school. Then you can go to the city where your school locates by train.

Normally students can book train ticket online in advance. But the flight may delay sometime. So it’s hard to estimate when you can board the train. It’s better to  buy train ticket directly in the railway station with your passport.

1.    There is airport bus that can take passengers to railway station. In some cities it’s free. In some cities they will charge but it cheap. When you get to the airport, ask the staff working in the airport (usually wearing uniform).
2.    When you get to the railway station, go to the counter to buy ticket. If you have any problem, just inquiry the staff. They usually wear uniform.
3.    Don’t easily believe strangers around or buy tickets from them.
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