President of Central Africa--One of ZJNU Alumni


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FAUSTIN TOUADERA, President of Central Africa--One of ZJNU's Outstanding Alumni

Since its establishment in 1956, Zhejiang Normal University has tens of thousands of graduates across the world. Today, we’ll introduce one of our outstanding alumni to you, FAUSTIN TOUADERA, the President of Central Africa.

In August of 2005, President FAUSTIN (then the President of Université de Bangui) participated in the "Seminar for University Presidents from Africa Francophone Countries" sponsored by Chinese Ministry of Education and organized by Zhejiang Normal University. This seminar is one of the high-level ones organized by ZJNU for developing countries.

During his period at ZJNU, President FAUSTIN listened to a series of lectures on higher education reform and development as well as university’s reform and operation in China. He also had the experience to visit a number of different types of universities in China including Peking University and Tsinghua University. President FAUSTIN signed the cooperation agreement on behalf of Université de Bangui with then ZJNU President Prof. XU HUI for the purpose of strengthening the the two universities’ exchanges and cooperation.

Why President FAUSTIN attended the seminar at ZJNU in 2005? Here are the reasons. For a long time, ZJNU has been committed to Sino-Africa cooperation and exchanges. So far, an interactive and integrated working pattern has been formed for the university’s exchanges and cooperation with African countries including African studies, Chinese language promotion, the training of African professionals and the inter-college exchanges with African universities. ZJNU has gradually become an important academic base for African studies, an important think tank for African affairs, an important base for training African talents and an important force for Sino-Africa people-to-people diplomacy. Each year, a number of government officials, university presidents, high school principals, etc. will attend seminars organized by ZJNU and also a large number of students will study for degree or language programs at ZJNU.

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