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We got news from Pubudu last night that his story and his life in the school was published on the website of Guangxi Normal University for Nationalities. All AT0086 members have read that passage. We are glad to hear about his wonderful life there. The passage is divided into three parts.
Achieving his dream in the beautiful campus
Pubudu said he studied Chinese for only two months before coming to China. The course hours for Chinese language classes in school is only around 20 hours per week. So he has much free time. But he does not waste it. He gets some Chinese language vedios and practice written Chinese.
When being asked why Pubudu wants to learn Chinese, he said he is a tourist guidance in Sri Lanka (his hometown). He wants to be fluent in Chinese so as to be a better guifance for Chinese tourists.

Achieving precious friendship
It is the first time for most international students to come to China. So does Pubudu. He said he felt lonely and homesick at first. But he made many new friends in the school. When the journalist was talking with him, many Chinese and international students greet to him.
No wonder such a positive, kind and deligient boy will achieve friendship from others.
And many students called him 瀑布,the pronounce of which is same as PUBU.

Support from family encourages him
There are 6 children in his family. His mother does not want him to come to China because he has never gone to such a remote place. But he insists he come to China, study Chinese and achieve his dream. And it’s very important for his future career. His mother was persuaded.

So he is in Guangxi Normal University of Nationalities, Chongzuo, Guangxi now.

pubudu .jpg

Pubudu walking in the beautiful campus

pubudu and his friends.jpg

Pubudu talking with his Chinese friends

pubudu practice written.jpg

Pubudu practicing written Chinese

Above information originates from Guangxi Normal University for Nationalities.

Here is the course information that he is learning now.
Guangxi Normal University for Nationalitie
Course: Chinese language program
Tuition fee and Accommodation fee: 8000RMB/Y or 4000RMB/S
Accommodation status: a room shared by 4-6 students, no air-conditioner
If you want to join this beautiful school to study Chinese with Pubudu, email to or whatsapp 0086 18571714629.

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